New York Push for $15 Minimum Wage in Legislature

State bill would require $15 an hour minimum wage at chains and large businesses

BY Erin Durkin


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sen. Daniel Squadron and Albany legislators announce a bill to require a $15 an hour wage at large businesses.

Big chain stores and other large businesses would have to pay their workers at least $15 an hour under state legislation introduced by Sen. Daniel Squadron.

The mandate would apply to chains that have at least 11 locations nationwide – including big box stores and fast food restaurants – businesses that bring in at least $50 million a year in revenue, and transportation-related businesses like airport contractors.

The $15 minimum would be indexed to inflation.

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Productivity, Minimum Wage, Inflation, Deflation.

you say “Increasing the minimum wage without a corresponding increase in PRODUCTIVITY will absolutely cause inflation”

If that is true, would 40 years of productivity increase without corresponding increase in wages absolutely produce deflation?

Its a fair question. It may explain zero interest “loans” for big banks and hot money creating local real estate bubbles and astonishing rents, and investments in factories in Vietnam. The hot money creates big chain competition for small business.

We need to turn the vicious cycle into a virtuous circle.

San Jose’s Minimum Wage Success Inspires

SJ Minimum Wage Success Inspires Others

by Scott Myers-Lipton
RaiseTheMinimumWageA copyIt’s been a year since San Jose voters overwhelmingly decided to raise the City’s minimum wage to $10 an hour, and guess what?  Not only has the sky NOT fallen, as critics warned, but the economy and low wage workers are better off than they were a year ago.

Some of the major supporters of Measure D, as it was called on the ballot, gathered recently to observe the one year anniversary of the measure’s implementation that raised the wage by $2 in one fell swoop. The measure had the support of the San Jose State students who came up with the idea and worked hard to pass the measure; the South Bay Labor Council ran the field campaign to get voters to the polls, and major community service organizations like Working Partnerships USA, United Way Silicon Valley and Sacred Heart Community Services supported it.  Overall data from the last year backs up the initial belief that passing the increase was the right thing to do.

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Richmond Implements Highest Minimum Wage in California!

via Richmond Pulse:

News Report, Malcolm Marshall

Last week, the Richmond City Council voted in favor of a city ordinance that will increase the local minimum wage from $8 to $12.30 an hour by 2017. The increase will be phased in over 3 years, and positions Richmond to have the highest minimum wage of any city in California.

While the minimum wage increase was initially going to be left up to voters in November, Mayor Gayle McLaughlin opted to have city council members vote on three minimum wage proposals of $11 an hour, $12.30 an hour or $15 an hour. The council voted 6-1 in favor of the increase to $12.30, with council member Tom Butt casting the lone dissenting vote.

Minimum Wage Hike Moves Forward In San Diego

— A proposed minimum wage hike and mandatory sick leave policy that San Diego employers would have to provide is one step closer to reaching the November election ballot.

A committee on Monday gave Council President Todd Gloria’s the go-ahead to work with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith on the ballot language and bring it back for consideration on April 30.

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Voters in Chicago: 87% YES! TO 15 NOW!

An 87 Percent Vote for a $15-an-Hour Wage

John Nichols on March 19, 2014 – 5:28 PM ET
$15 minimum wage

The fight for a $15 minimum wage spans from Seattle to Chicago. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Polls have since confirmed that Americans from across the political and ideological spectrum are overwhelmingly in favor of a substantial increase in the minimum wage. And election results are now confirming the sen

Now comes a powerful signal from Chicago.

When voters in the city went to the polls to cast ballots in Tuesday’s statewide and local primary elections, thousands of them faced an economic question: Would they support a $15-an-hour minimum wage for large employers in the city?

The results were overwhelming. With 100 of the 103 precincts where the issue was on the ballot reporting, 87 percent of voters were backing the $15-an-hour wage. Just 13 percent voted against the advisory referendum. That huge level of support will strengthen the hand of activists who are encouraging the city council to consider a major wage hike.

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Fair Wage Folks Speak At San Jose State

via San Jose State Spartan-

One year anniversary of minimum wage increase in San Jose

by Yasmine Mahmoud                Mar 11, 2014

Verbena Lea of Eureka, Calif., speaks at an event Tuesday about raising the minimum wage in cities across the state. The press conference was held in honor of the first anniversary of the $10 minimum wage in San Jose.

Yasmine Mahmoud | Spartan Daily Verbena Lea of Eureka, Calif., speaks at an event Tuesday about raising the minimum wage in cities across the state. The press conference was held in honor of the first anniversary of the $10 minimum wage in San Jose.

The San Jose State Campus Alliance for Economic Justice (CAFE J) held a press conference Tuesday at noon to discuss the impact of the minimum wage increase in San Jose.

CAFE J celebrated the one-year anniversary of the implementation of the $10 minimum wage in San Jose.

Leaders from six Calif. cities spoke about why they are leading efforts to raise the minimum wage in their cities.

Melissa Mejia, a member of  CAFE J and Mountain View native helped coordinate the event.

“It’s important how… we were able to do something on a huge level just for San Jose, and if we can get to to citywide and even to statewide, it would be a good thing,” she said.

Verbena Lea, a proponent of the Eureka Fair Wage act, traveled from Eureka to attend the conference.

“We at the podium were really inspired by the San Jose State sociology class that essentially campaigned, wrote the whole  Measure D that got passed here with more help from people in the community,” Lea said.

The Eureka Fair Wage Act, which [will raise -ED] raised the minimum wage from $8 to $12, was modeled after San Jose’s Measure D, Lea said.

“We are in solidarity with any place that is trying to raise their minimum wage,” Lea said. “We think it’s important to support and show that it’s a growing movement and that people are doing it all over California.”

Bernie Goldsmith, co-chair of the Raise the Wage Davis campaign, spoke at the event to thank San Jose for its original effort of championing minimum wage increases.

“The people who spoke before me were evidence that the work done in San Jose was being watched by the world,” Goldsmith said.

Minimum wage movement representatives from Berkeley, Davis, Eureka, Mountain View, Richmond, Oakland, San Francisco and Sunnyvale attended and/or spoke at the event.

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Professor Scott Meyers-Lipton speaks

Hace un año aumentaron el salario mínimo a diez dólares la hora

The Gasoline Index

In 1968 an hour’s pay at minimum wage ( $1.60)  would buy almost 5 gallons of gasoline (@ $0.33/ gal.) but today in Eureka an hour’s minimum wage ($8.00) will buy a little less than 2 gallons of gasoline (@ $4.37 per gallon.)

If the minimum wage had been increased at the same rate as the price of gas, the minimum wage would be over $21.00 per hour today.  info @

PA Lawmakers Propose Minimum Wage Increase to $12 an Hour

A bill that would end sub-minimum wage for employees who receive tips and raise the overall minimum wage to $12 an hour was introduced this week in Harrisburg.

Posted by Kara Seymour , April 05, 2014 at 07:35 AM

Two area state senators are making a push to increase the minimum wage, including for employees who receive tips.

State Senators Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) and Mike Stack (D-Philadelphia) this week introduced legislation that would end sub-minimum wages for tip earners and raise the overall minimum wage to $12 an hour.

Current Pennsylvania law permits employers to use tips against all but $2.83 of the current $7.25 minimum wage. The federal minimum wage for tipped workers is $2.13, and has not changed for more than 20 years.

In addition to an increase, the bill would tie the minimum wage to annual inflation, a practice currently done in 11 states, according to information from Stack and Leach.

$13/ HR Statewide Indexed Minimum Wage Proposed by Mark Leno California

SB 935 would raise the minimum wage to $11 per hour on Jan. 1, 2015, and then $12 in 2016 and $13 in 2017. Beginning in 2018, the wage would be automatically indexed to inflation each year.