Fair Wage Cafe Sept. 27- Awesome Community Event!

fair wage cafe SEPT 27_2014


The Cafe is family-friendly, community building, relaxing, and fun event. All free! A large buffet of delicious, nutritious food and sweets with coffee, tea, and juice; fabulous live local music; games for kids (plus a playground and a large grassy area for running around); guest speakers; space for informational tables about your projects or organizations; ways to help raise the minimum wage; and an open setting where you can be social or just eat, listen to the music, read the materials, relax.

WHAT:  Fair Wage Cafe

WHEN:  Saturday, Sept. 27th, 12noon – 5:00pm

WHERE: at Cesar Chavez Park (also know as Hammond or Candy Cane Park) 14 & F Streets, Eureka

WHO:  Open to all, All ages

Link to flier: https://app.box.com/s/1znq9o2rfhayih370dza

We have lots of handbills for the Cafe if you want a stack to pass out.

If you would like to set up a table to share your information with people at the Cafe, please contact us.  (707) 442-7465, info@fairwages.org

Great live local music will include Sarah Torres, BeThIsBell, Charlie Sussman, Tommie Willson, and the  Mad River Rounders!!

Guest speakers will include Natalie Arroyo  and Kim Bergel who are running for Eureka City Council and who strongly support the Fair Wage Act, Measure R!

Strong wages help build strong families! Gatherings build strong communities!

We dedicate this Fair Wage Cafe to Bill Holmes, who passed on August 30th.  Bill was one of the Fair Wage Act creators, a talented troubadour and human rights activist, and a good friend to us and to all people struggling with poverty, bad healthcare, trauma, homelessness, or low wages.  It was Bill’s idea to have these wonderful Cafes!

Rise Up (And Raise Our Wages) – Electric Bill – Free MP3

shortlink here: http://wp.me/pbr9G-3Xj

mnemonic link here: http://urlet.com/live.late

Rise Up (And Raise Our Wages) listen on Box.net:


Rise Up (And Raise Our Wages)

copyright 2014 Bill Holmes


Feb . 8 2014
I can’t make it on what they pay
Get a 2nd job is what they say
I got three jobs and I’ll tell you what
I’m sick and tired I’ve had enough
Rise Up and Raise Our Wages,
Rise Up, Rise Up
Rise Up and Raise Our Wages,
Rise Up, Rise Up
40 hours don’t pay the rent
30 hours don’t make a dent
20 hours its killin me
Aint no hope for my family
They tell you to educate yourself
My degree is sittin on the shelf
These student loans are killin me
My only hope is a Jubilee.
repeat chorus and out.