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June 22 Eric Black/KMUD strory/interview  

June 22 Times-Standard Eureka City Council Mostly Silent on Minimum Wage

“With the exception of Eureka City Councilwoman Linda Atkins, the council on Tuesday was silent on whether to provide arguments in favor or against the Eureka Fair Wage Act after several members of the public spoke in support of the ballot measure, which will be placed before voters in November.

“I think it’s a shame that our entire council apparently takes the same position as the supposedly nonpolitical chamber of commerce in our town and opposes this really important issue,” Atkins said.

Earlier in the meeting, she said she would like to see the council support the proposed ordinance.

“I think it’s important for our community,” Atkins said.

The fair wage act, also known as the Minimum Wage Ordinance and Measure R, would increase the minimum wage to $12 an hour at businesses within city limits that employ 25 or more people. Nonprofits would be given 18 months to be in compliance.”

May 22 Times Standard

Mar. 19.  The Left Hook, Scott Meyers-Lipton


Mar 12 San Jose Daily Spartan Fair Wage Folks Speak at 1 year anniversary

Times Standard Feb 2, 2014

KIEM – $12.00 Minimum wage initiative – business owners respond.  (VIDEO)

Workers’ pay should be tied to inflation: Back the Fair Wage Act

My Word by Kimberly Starr and James Decker  March 20, 2013

Council punts on Eureka Fair Wage Act; voters to decide on November 4, 2014

by Charles Douglas Humboldt Sentinel March 19, 2013

Minimum wage ordinance to go before voters; Atkins to Eureka Council: Initiative should have been enacted immediately

Kaci Poor/The
Posted:   03/20/2013


KIEM TV Eureka (NBC) Video

          Submitted by allienorton on Mon, 03/18/2013 – 16:49

Eureka council to consider Fair Wage Act; initiative proposes minimum wage increase

Kaci Poor/The Posted:   03/17/2013 02:39:41 AM PDT

Fair Wage Act to go before Eureka City Council


The Times-Standard

Posted:   03/08/2013 06:19:53 PM PST or:


Wage Hike Proposal Headed to Eureka City Council

North Coast Journal, Ryan Burns, Mar. 8, 2013

Here’s a ray of hope for people working at Eureka’s Taco Bell. Or Wal-Mart. Or any other business in the city that pays workers as little as the law will tolerate:

A petition to boost Eureka’s minimum wage to $12 an hour has received enough valid signatures to be presented to the City Council at its March 19 meeting. or:

HSU Lumberjack:

Eureka Citizens Campaign to Raise Wages

February 13, 2013  By The Lumberjack
“Students at Humboldt State may have the choice to vote for such a measure in the future, if fair wage activists in Eureka can spread their message. James Decker, a Fair Wage Campaign worker, former military medic and private home care provider, said volunteers would like to work with HSU students. Decker said a volunteer even offered to pay half the filing fees for a similar act in Arcata.“All of us would be willing to help them write their initiative,” Decker said.”

Redwood Times:

Fair wage supporters turn in signatures at Eureka City Hall for $12 minimum wage ordinance

Redwood Times Posted:   02/11/2013

Eureka Times-Standard (Media News Group):

Signatures gathered to put minimum wage increase before Eureka City Council and on ballot

Kaci Poor/The Times-Standard

Posted:   02/09/2013 02:29:07 AM PST

“A group of local residents committed to bumping up Eureka’s minimum wage handed in about 2,700 signatures to the city Thursday to have their cause approved by the City Council or put on the next election ballot.

The proposed Eureka Fair Wage Act, also known as the Minimum Wage Ordinance, would require employers within Eureka city limits to pay their employees at least $12 an hour. The initiative would exempt small businesses with 24 employees or fewer.

The city clerk accepted the signatures, and will have 30 working days to verify the signatures before the measure will go before the City Council for approval.”

KMUD Humboldt

KIEM Ch. 3 (Eureka):

North Coast Journal:

Free Speech Radio News: Feb 5, 2013

On WalMart’s Opening Day, Residents Announce Intention to File “Eureka Fair Wage Initiative”

June 13, 2012

Times-Standard, June 14, 2012

Jessica Cejnar/

 “Walmart Opens in Eureka”

“Confirmation came in December that the mystery retailer was indeed Walmart, which has a contentious history in Humboldt County dating back to 1999, when Eureka voters overwhelmingly rejected Measure J, which would have rezoned the Balloon Track property to allow Walmart to build on the waterfront.

On the day of the Eureka store opening, members of Occupy Eureka and People’s Action for Rights and Community announced their intention to file what they are calling the “Eureka Fair Wage Initiative.” According to James Decker, a member of Occupy Eureka and Veterans for Peace, the initiative would require employers within the Eureka city limits pay their employees at least $12 an hour. The initiative would make an exception for small businesses, he said.

”The Walmart corporation comes into new towns, opens their stores, pays lower wages and eventually drives many of the local businesses out of business by undercutting prices from slave labor from China,” Decker said. “Many Walmart workers collect food stamps, they don’t provide any medical benefits and we need to change that system.”

Decker said the initiative would apply to large employers with hundreds of employees such as Walmart, Target, St. Joseph Hospital, the city and the county.

In order to place the initiative on the ballot, the group would have to file a notice of intent to circulate a petition, said Eureka City Clerk Pam Powell. They would also need to collect signatures from at least 15 percent of Eureka’s registered voters for a special election, or 10 percent for a regular election, she said.”

BBC, Rueters, Associated Press (AP), Al-Jazeera, AFP, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN

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