Small Businesses Say Yes to Raising the Minimum Wage – New Jersey VIDEO

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Published on Oct 29, 2013

Contrary to the claims of big business lobbies, many small business owners support raising the minimum wage. Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s a key step toward economic recovery. Every extra dollar in the pockets of low wage workers will get pumped right back into the economy, so everybody wins.
Produced by Telequest, Inc of Princeton NJ for the NJ Main Street Alliance (a project of NJ Citizen Action). The goal is to inform voters that they can raise the minimum wage in NJ on November 5, 2013 by voting YES on ballot question #2.

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Minimum Wage Campaign In Maryland – McDonald’s Black Shirt “Enforcers”

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Published on Oct 24, 2013

The first minimum wage law was passed in America over 75 years ago. On a chilly Wednesday afternoon, October 24th, a rally and “speak out” protest, supported by social justice activists, was held at McKeldin Square, in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area to mark that anniversary. A campaign is currently underway in Maryland, and across the country, too, to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. To learn more about this laudable effort, go to “National Workers Demand a Pay Raise,” at:… and “Peoples Power Assemblies” at:… Speaking on camera are activists Barbara Bridges, Marvin “Doc” Cheatham, Crystal Richardson and Beth Emmerling. Sharon Black helped to organize the rally and served as the moderator of the program. Cheatham is running for the House of Delegates in the 40th legislative district. He said that if he wins one of the first Bills that he will introduce will be one to “raise the minimum wage – a living wage – in Maryland” and another to ensure “equal pay for equal work for women.”

Walmart’s Customers Are Broke, Busted & Disgusted – TIME TO PAY A LIVING WAGE!


“From worker protests to missed earnings targets, 2013 has been a year that Wal-Mart would probably rather forget. The latest bit of bad news: According to a recent report, the world’s largest retailer is scaling back on orders to its suppliers in the face of lackluster sales and overflowing inventory.

The story also pointed out that inventory at Wal-Mart stores had outpaced sales growth, and that the retailer missed out on some sales because it didn’t have enough employees to keep shelves stocked. (Wal-Mart’s workforce has fallen by 120,000 since 2008, despite adding several hundred locations). The company’s same-store sales have dropped for two straight quarters.

The typical Wal-Mart customer has been squeezed the hardest by the sluggish recovery, and Wal-Mart may not be doing enough to accommodate the new economic reality. “If you look at this economy, it’s a train wreck for [the bottom] 80 percent of the American people, and Wal-Mart sells to that 80 percent,” Mr. Davidowitz says. And “77 percent of the new jobs created this year were part-time jobs. We have the lowest full-time labor participation rate in 35 years. Consumers’ incomes are not growing. One of six Americans are in poverty, and another one in six are an inch away from poverty.””

Fair Wage Meeting Cancelled Tonight Oct 30

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Fair Wage Meeting Cancelled for tonight Oct 30, 2013.

We are preparing for our next Fair Wage Café, tentatively scheduled for Nov. 16th, indoors at the Labor Temple.

We could use some local Eureka/Humboldt musicians and djs  to provide one hour benefit sets of music for our gathering, in support of raising wages for working people.  (And a big THANK YOU to the 15 or so local music acts that have appeared for us in the last year!)  We could also use a couple of interns to run our sound system.   Want some hands on experience with live sound production in challenging environments, indoors and outdoors?   You can find it with our campaign over the next year.

We are looking for foodies to help us prepare and serve nutritious and attractive food for our gathering in support of economic justice for working people.  Don’t let your talents go to waste.

We are looking for several videographers who are capable of producing effective 15, 30 and 60 second video political ads with a very small budget.  We are looking for videographers who can and will document our campaign.  We are looking for one or two people with the capability to live stream some of our events.

We are looking for a few people with pickups and vans to provide reliable transport for our upcoming events.   We can provide gas money.

We also need people for general event set-up and general event clean up, dishwashing etc, all of the mundane chores involved in a winning grassroots political campaign.

If any of the above applies to you please email and we will get back to you, or come to one of our future meetings.   We meet at the Labor Temple every Wednesday at 615, sometimes in the basement, sometimes in another room look for us.   Check for cancellations here if any, they will be rare as the next year goes on.

If you want real hands on experience with event planning, event prep and event execution with a winning grass roots political movement, get on board with the Fair Wage Folks!

The more volunteers we have, the lighter the burden for all of us!

San Angelo TX Standard Times OP ED: Fast Foods Low Wages Come at a High Price

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Next time someone asks if you want fries with your fast food order, perhaps you better think a little about what that burger really is costing you. You’re probably paying taxes to subsidize the fast-food industry and other businesses that employ Americans who don’t earn a living wage.

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Walmart Workers Plan Big Black Friday Strikes

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In twelve weeks, on the busiest shopping day of the year, Walmart workers will mount what may be the biggest-ever US strike against the retail giant. In an e-mailed statement, a campaign closely tied to the United Food & Commercial Workers union promised “widespread, massive strikes and protests for Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving. A Black Friday strike last year, in which organizers say over 400 workers walked off the job, was the largest and highest-profile action to date by the union-backed non-union workers’ group OUR Walmart, and the largest US strike in the company’s five-decade history.

Walmart Workers Strike At Miami-Area Store VIDEO EN ESPANOL

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In an unexpected act of collective frustration, dozens of Walmart associates walked off the job at the Hialeah Walmart on 9300 NW 77th avenue in Miami, Florida on Friday Oct 18th, 2013.  As many as 80 workers joined the walk-out after complaining of poor wages and mistreatment.The spontaneous strike was not organized by any organization nor did it appear to be planned in advance. During the strike, customers reported incredibly long lines while associates reported that managers were being called in from other Walmarts in the region as replacement workers for the registers and other positions.In the afternoon, the striking workers agreed to a meeting with management. After hearing of the strike, 1Miami and other community members rushed to the Hialeah Walmart to support the workers.  “Walmart has to do some serious soul-searching and ask itself why so many workers are willing to risk everything to take a stand for respect,” said 1Miami’s Eric Brakken.
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Workers at a Walmart store in Hialeah Gardens, Fla., walked off the job Friday morning in protest of management, demanding that they be given full-time work.

It wasn’t clear early Friday afternoon how many workers took part in the strike, and Walmart said it doesn’t know how many employees were involved.

In a photo of the scene emailed to The Huffington Post, one man held up a sign reading, “Queremos Nuestras 40 Horas,” or “We Want Our 40 Hours.”


“Customers going to the Walmart in Hialeah Gardens didn’t get the usual greeting as they walked into the store Friday.

Instead, they saw about 100 employees from the store, at 9300 77th Ave., who had walked off the job in the morning to demand a change in management.

At 9 a.m., employees gathered outside the front of the store and started to march, chanting for better hours and fair treatment.”

Empleados de Walmart hacen huelga exigiendo trato justo

Joey Flechas      The Miami Herald

    Los clientes que acudían a comprar al Walmart de Hialeah Gardens no recibieron el saludo usual cuando entraron a la tienda el viernes.

En lugar de eso, vieron a unos 100 empleados de la tienda, situada en el 9300 77 Avenue, quienes abandonaron sus puestos de trabajo en la mañana para exigir un cambio de gerencia.

Time to give D.C. workers a raise

Time to give D.C. workers a raise

By Ed Lazere and Elissa Silverman, Published: October 11

A $12.50-an-hour wage for large retailers was controversial among D.C. elected officials. But even some of the most vocal critics of that legislation agreed with supporters on one key point: The District’s minimum wage needs to be raised.

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