IHSS Workers, CUHW & Supporters to Speak @ Tuesday’s Supes Meeting

via Shane Brinton [ shaneb@cuhw.org ] :

Hi all. This is a friendly reminder that members and supporters of the California United Homecare Workers union will be attending the Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) to speak in support of a wage increase for IHSS workers.

We will be gathering at 1:20 pm in the Supervisors’ chambers, 825 Fifth Street, Eureka. This is an important meeting because we have bargaining coming up later in the week. Please make sure the Supervisors know where this community’s priorities are. We’ll see you there!

Thank You,

Shane Brinton

Humboldt Community Outreach Liaison / Consultant California United Homecare Workers AFSCME/SEIU Local 4034 314 L Street, Eureka, CA 95501 Cell: (707) 382-7270




Have a Heart Rally for Homecare Workers: Tuesday 12:30 Courthouse – WEAR RED

the following came via Redwood Progressive [ rs@richardsalzman.com ] email letter :

The California United Homecare Workers (CUHW) union will be holding a rally on Tuesday and we need your help to make it a success. Please join us as we continue our fight to improve the lives of those who keep our seniors and people with disabilities healthy at home. Here are the details:

What: Rally for Homecare Justice – Wear red to show that you “have a heart” for homecare.


Where: Humboldt County Courthouse, 825 Fifth Street, Eureka

When: Tuesday, February 5 at 12:30 pm

Why: Negotiations with the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, acting as the Humboldt County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority, have dragged on for over a year as the Supervisors have refused to offer a single penny to the lowest paid caregivers in California. After the workers put forward a Settlement Proposal last December, the Board of Supervisors unilaterally ended negotiations and refused to consider the proposal.

We will be joined at the rally by allies from local non-profits, other unions, the disability rights community, and senior advocates, among others. We hope you will be able to join us too. Following the rally, community supporters are invited to attend a reception at the union’s office, located at 314 L Street, Eureka.

For more information:  shaneb@cuhw.org or  (707) 382-7270.


— To contact the Supervisors:

Rex Bohn   <rbohn@co.humboldt.ca.us> 476-2391

Estelle Fennell  <efennell@co.humboldt.ca.us> 476-2392

Mark Lovelace <mlovelace@co.humboldt.ca.us> 476-2393

Virginia Bass <vbass@co.humboldt.ca.us> 476-2394

Ryan Sundberg <rsundberg@co.humboldt.ca.us> 476-2395

Poll:  Do Humboldt County’s IHSS Workers Deserve A Raise?

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Support CUHW & IHSS Workers Friday November 9th – Candleligh​t Vigil Eureka Courthouse 6 PM

Shine A Little Light for Humboldt Homecare

                          Featured , Humboldt

Click on the following link to hear our radio ad for the Humboldt County IHSS Candlelight Vigil Friday, November 9th at the Eureka Courthouse (825 5th St, Eureka) at 6pm: CUHW – CANDLELIGHT VIGIL


Support the Humboldt County IHSS Workers Struggle for Fair Pay!

forwarded from Shane Brinton <shaneb@cuhw.org>

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
If you know anyone who is an In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) worker or a recipient who benefits from these vital services, you have probably heard about the struggle to win better wages and benefits for homecare workers.
You are invited to learn more about this ongoing struggle – and how you can get involved – at one of the following community coffee meetings later this week:
–Thursday, November 1
9:00 am to 10:30 am

Golden Harvest Cafe

1062 G Street

Thursday, November 1
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm


1924 Central Avenue

Friday, November 2
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Calico’s Cafe

808 Redwood Drive

— These meetings are being hosted by the California United Homecare Workers (CUHW), the union that represents IHSS providers in Humboldt County. Our statewide President Gail Ennis will be available to answer questions, as will local members and organizers.
This is an open invitation to all homecare workers, IHSS recipients, and anyone else who is interested in learning more. We’ll treat you to a cup of coffee or tea and chat about this important struggle.
RSVP appreciated, but not required. Please respond to shaneb@cuhw.org.
In Solidarity,
Shane Brinton
Humboldt Community Outreach Liaison
California United Homecare Workers
AFSCME / SEIU Local 4034
Cell: (707) 382-7270

CUHW Ask For Support For Fair Wages & Benefits for IHSS Home Health Care Workers

California United Homecare Workers are asking IHSS Homecare Providers and the public to stand with us in solidarity.
We meet at the Supervisors Chambers in the Courthouse 825 Fifth Street, Eureka. 1:00 PM.
The next meetings are:
Tuesday, 10/16
Tuesday 10/23
Tuesday, 11/6
Tuesday, 11/13
Tuesday, 12/4
Tuesday, 12/11
Tuesday, 12/18
Background Information:
An independent Fact Finder came in and looked at the County’s books and found that they DO have the ability to pay.
Link to the Fact Finding Report.
In closed session, the Board of Supervisors chose NOT to put the recommendations in effect.
They want to keep us in poverty.
We are asking that you stand with us in support at the Board of Supervisors Meetings listed above.  If you can’t make it to the meetings, call and or writ your Supervisor.  Thank you for your support.
Kathy Sobilo



Support In Home HealthCare Workers, Protest from 8:30am – end of Supes meeting, Tues. Oct 2nd

Tuesday, October 2nd
8:30am and through the Humboldt Board of Supervisors meeting

Support In Home Healthcare Workers!


Humboldt Supes Reject Fact Finder’s Recommendation to Increase Wages for IHSS Providers

September 26, 2012

After rejecting a Proposed Settlement from a Mediator in July that called for a wage increase for County IHSS providers that have never received a wage increase above the state’s minimum wage or any type of health benefits, the Humboldt Board of Supervisors have reached a new low. Yesterday, the Humboldt Board of Supervisors rejected a recommendation from the recently completed Fact Finding Report from Impartial Fact Finding Chairperson and San Francisco attorney Robert Hirsch. The recommendation ruled in favor of CUHW, calling for an increase in County provider wages, from their current hourly rate of $8/hr. to $8.75/hr. and $9.50/hr. in the following year, as well as a contribution to health care benefits for County IHSS providers. Hirsch referred to his ruling as, “A fair and equitable proposal,” stating that, “The County clearly has the ability to pay the modest sought (as it has acknowledged) and has even budgeted sufficient funds to cover most, if not all, the costs.”

Below is a response to the Humboldt Supes rejection of the Fact Finder’s recommendation from University of Connecticut Economics Professor Candace Howes:

I am shocked that the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors would persist in their decision to not increase wages for the county’s 1450 IHSS workers, even in the face of the findings of the impartial chairperson for the Factfinding Panel. The county’s response is cynical and factually incorrect when it argues that “unfortunately, the fact-finder misunderstood a few important concepts. Most critically, the fact-finder incorrectly believed that the County’s 2012-2013 budget predicts financing to increase IHSS worker compensation.” In my reading of the factfinder’s report, he understood the financing perfectly well. He was arguing that the county had, in fact, put forward a budget which would have more than covered the wage cost of the increase, given what the IHSS program actually costs. The factfinder was, in fact, so impartial and careful that he did not report that the county was about to receive a refund from the State as part of a new program under the Affordable Care Act which is intended to help States fund more high quality home care programs. That refund would fully cover the cost of the wage increase without the county having to touch any current General Fund monies.

IHSS workers in Humboldt County are paid less than workers doing the same job in almost every other county in the state. Their wage has not increased in 4 years during which period the purchasing power of their wages (adjusted for inflation) has declined by 6 percent. IHSS workers have no health insurance through their job; they continue to pay for the gas they use to transport their care recipients and to get to their job, even as the average price of gas has risen by 25 percent in four years.

It is too bad the Board of Supervisors didn’t attend the Fact finding Panel for they would have come away with a much better understanding of the value of the program and how little it really costs the county. They would also have gotten a better appreciation of how much it depends on extraordinary sacrifices by the IHSS workers.

Read the full Fact Finding Report here:


California United Homecare Workers: