Livestreams, info on today’s Michigan Union protests against “right to work”

Livestreams, info on today’s Michigan Union protests against “right to work”

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bigtree in reply #1: Here’s a twitter link to *live* tweets from Michigan reporters covering #righttowork
Breaking photos and updates from Twitter @wearemichigan (via OccupyMARINES)
OccupyPhoenix @occupyphoenix Watch #RTW protest LIVE … #OWS Retweeted by uppity
uppity @Uppity1 live RTW Lansing Michigan
uppity @Uppity1 live Lansing Michigan RTW
OMC @OMCorg BREAKING: Capitol police estimate 13,000 Michigan workers are currently rallying inside and outside…
allisonkilkenny @allisonkilkenny RT @MikeElk: Cops w/ tear gas guns inside the Mich Capitol Retweeted by uppity
Photo at OccupyMARINES Facebook page:
Andy Borowitz @BorowitzReport Thank you, Michigan, for giving people the right to choose what century they work in. #MIUnion
Jeff Rae @jeffrae Photo of the tear gas gun police had on Capitol grounds #saveMI #1u
Jeff Rae @jeffrae Things calming down on the Capitol grounds. Police did load tear gas guns but did not fire them #saveMI #1u from Lansing, MI
Jeff Rae Jeff Rae @jeffrae Police with clubs trying to clear Capitol grounds pushing union members #saveMI #1u

MINIMUM WAGE FACTOID: 62% of Minimum Wage Workers are Women

“In 2011 more than 62 percent of minimum-wage workers were women compared to just 38 percent of male minimum-wage workers. Slightly more than 2.5 million women earn the minimum wage or less, while approximately 1.5 million men do. This imbalance is even more drastic once you consider that women were just 46.9 percent of all employed workers in 2011.”