Occupy Oakland Brings Fast Food Workers “Fight for $15” to Oakland

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Recently hundreds of fast food workers participated in a wildcat strike in New York City to demand $15/dollars per hour. Now it looks like workers in Chicago are going for it as well. We need to Fight for Fifteen in Oakland!

Rampant gentrification and exploitation abounds in Oakland, with stores run by massively profitable corporations thriving off the labor of workers barely making minimum wage or more, but we know we can’t survive in this town on $8/hr. Bring this class tension to the forefront by fighting for a livable wage!

The May Day Fight for Fifteen assembly is planning for and publicizing a noise demo through downtown Oakland on May 1st aka May Day, the traditional holiday to commemorate workers’ struggles.


Fight for 15 – Lucha por 15 WOCC: https://www.facebook.com/Fightfor15 Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago

Fast Food Forward (NYC):  https://www.facebook.com/FastFoodForward

Eurekans Greet Walmart’s Opening With Initiative to Drive Wages UP!


On WalMart’s Opening Day, Residents Announce Intention to File “Eureka Fair Wage Initiative”

Contact:James Decker (707) 442-7465  (707) 761-5247  (cell)

Eureka, CA: Members of Occupy Eureka and Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community, along with other concerned residents, are announcing today their intention to file the Eureka Fair Wage Initiative.

“WalMart has come to our community, against the will of the voters, to drive down wages and benefits for working people,” says Veteran for Peace, Don Swall.  With this initiative the voters will have a chance to say “NO.”  NO to outside corporations putting downward pressure on local wages. NO to the closing of locally owned businesses. NO to the blight that WalMart and other Big Box retailers bring to small towns across America.

The Eureka Fair Wage Initiative will require employers to pay a minimum of $12 an hour to all of their workers, with an exception for smaller  businesses. The initiative is a simple, straightforward proposal to keep stingy companies from killing jobs in the  community that pay a decent wage. It will keep more of those dollars here in Eureka California, rather then flying our money to Bentonville Arkansas.

Eureka residents said “NO” to WalMart at the ballot box before,but through secretive deals and backroom negotiations the City government and WalMart have undermined the will of the people. This leaves working class people no choice but to take matters out of the hands of politicians, more concerned with personal enrichment then the enrichment of the community, and take to the initiative process. The Initiative planning group invites persons interested in signature gathering or making other types of contributions to call (707)442-7465.