San Jose’s Minimum Wage Success Inspires

SJ Minimum Wage Success Inspires Others

by Scott Myers-Lipton
RaiseTheMinimumWageA copyIt’s been a year since San Jose voters overwhelmingly decided to raise the City’s minimum wage to $10 an hour, and guess what?  Not only has the sky NOT fallen, as critics warned, but the economy and low wage workers are better off than they were a year ago.

Some of the major supporters of Measure D, as it was called on the ballot, gathered recently to observe the one year anniversary of the measure’s implementation that raised the wage by $2 in one fell swoop. The measure had the support of the San Jose State students who came up with the idea and worked hard to pass the measure; the South Bay Labor Council ran the field campaign to get voters to the polls, and major community service organizations like Working Partnerships USA, United Way Silicon Valley and Sacred Heart Community Services supported it.  Overall data from the last year backs up the initial belief that passing the increase was the right thing to do.

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