San Diego Mayor Gloria Wants Wage Fairness – Put it on the Ballot

Proposed SD Minimum Wage Hike Sets Stage for ‘Classic Argument’

By Gene Cubbison

|  Thursday, Jan 16, 2014

California’s state minimum wage is going up to $9 in July and $10 18 months later. But interim Mayor Todd Gloria wants minimum wage to go even higher in San Diego.

Gloria wants to get city voters involved.

In his State of the City speech Wednesday evening, Gloria said the time has come to address “growing income inequality” and keep full-time workers from living in poverty.

“San Diego must not be divided between the very wealthy and the very poor,” he told a capacity audience at downtown’s Balboa Theatre. “A great city must have a vibrant and growing middle class.”

Gloria didn’t specify a target number for a minimum wage hike proposal that he’d like the City Council to put on the November ballot.

But his math homework suggests an increase to upwards of $14 an hour.




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