Daniel Tilson on Fast Food Strikers and the Middle Class (Context Florida)

The death of Nelson Mandela understandably overtook the news on Dec. 5. But there was another story unfolding that day, a story that were he still alive and well would have struck a chord deep inside him, where the passion for social justice burned so bright and long.

From Miami to Tampa and more than 100 other cities nationwide, people who toil away for awful pay in fast-food restaurants walked off the job and were joined by supporters in peaceful public protests.

As with nationwide Walmart employee walkouts on Black Friday, fast-food workers were protesting pay so low they can’t meet their families’ basic needs, while industry giants such as McDonald’s make billions.

In addition to putting lipstick on a pig, these companies have accomplished something more darkly dangerous.

They’ve driven a wedge between middle-class and poor workers who desperately need to be allies.

Read the rest of this worthy article by Daniel Tilson:



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