Beer, Justice and the Minimum Wage

found at Courthouse News for the whole essay go to link below. Its a fun read.

Beer, Justice and the Minimum Wage


The minimum wage-earner in the United States today is no better off than the English working man of 500 years ago, under Henry VIII.

How do I know this? By the cost of beer.

Stick with me for a minute. I did a lot of research on this. Way too much, probably.

Eight hours work at today’s minimum wage of $7.25 an hour will bring in $58.

Knock off 20 percent for taxes, and today’s minimum wage-earner brings in about $46 a day.

That’s enough to buy 2 cases of beer plus a six-pack, at the widely varying average price of $16 to $24 for what I may be allowed to call drinkable beer.
A case contains 2¼ gallons of beer. So our minimum wage-earner could buy about 4¾ gallons of beer with his daily paycheck, if he chose to spend it all on beer.
If he bought his beer in a bar – and who could blame him? – he would not get even 2 gallons for it, according to, which puts the average price of a pint of beer at $3.69 in the United States.
That’s less than half the beer the unskilled English working man could buy for his daily wage in 1513.

the rest of it:


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