Some Businesses Express Support for Raising Wages in Eureka! VIDEO


“Humboldt Bay Tourism Center is a “Proof of Concept Start-up Business.”  They say they’re doing everything they can do to adjust with both the consumer’s needs as well as their staff needs.  Co-owner, Jon O’Connor says, “I think it’s a phenomenal step forward toward a living wage and I think Humboldt County should be on the forefront for paying our citizens what they deserve to live.”

A local initiative soon to be voted on called the Eureka Fair Wage Act proposes $12 an hour.  Some businesses we talked with who wanted to remain anonymous  said the Fair Wage Act would impact them severely and they would have to raise prices. Others were on board…”O’Connor was enthusiastic about the initiative. “We would  absolutely be supportive of $12 an hour. Again it’s still…for one adult and three children, the living wage is about $20 an hour…so, we would b e supportive of anything getting closer to a living wage.””


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