Walmart Workers Strike At Miami-Area Store VIDEO EN ESPANOL

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In an unexpected act of collective frustration, dozens of Walmart associates walked off the job at the Hialeah Walmart on 9300 NW 77th avenue in Miami, Florida on Friday Oct 18th, 2013.  As many as 80 workers joined the walk-out after complaining of poor wages and mistreatment.The spontaneous strike was not organized by any organization nor did it appear to be planned in advance. During the strike, customers reported incredibly long lines while associates reported that managers were being called in from other Walmarts in the region as replacement workers for the registers and other positions.In the afternoon, the striking workers agreed to a meeting with management. After hearing of the strike, 1Miami and other community members rushed to the Hialeah Walmart to support the workers.  “Walmart has to do some serious soul-searching and ask itself why so many workers are willing to risk everything to take a stand for respect,” said 1Miami’s Eric Brakken.
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Workers at a Walmart store in Hialeah Gardens, Fla., walked off the job Friday morning in protest of management, demanding that they be given full-time work.

It wasn’t clear early Friday afternoon how many workers took part in the strike, and Walmart said it doesn’t know how many employees were involved.

In a photo of the scene emailed to The Huffington Post, one man held up a sign reading, “Queremos Nuestras 40 Horas,” or “We Want Our 40 Hours.”


“Customers going to the Walmart in Hialeah Gardens didn’t get the usual greeting as they walked into the store Friday.

Instead, they saw about 100 employees from the store, at 9300 77th Ave., who had walked off the job in the morning to demand a change in management.

At 9 a.m., employees gathered outside the front of the store and started to march, chanting for better hours and fair treatment.”

Empleados de Walmart hacen huelga exigiendo trato justo

Joey Flechas      The Miami Herald

    Los clientes que acudían a comprar al Walmart de Hialeah Gardens no recibieron el saludo usual cuando entraron a la tienda el viernes.

En lugar de eso, vieron a unos 100 empleados de la tienda, situada en el 9300 77 Avenue, quienes abandonaron sus puestos de trabajo en la mañana para exigir un cambio de gerencia.

9 thoughts on “Walmart Workers Strike At Miami-Area Store VIDEO EN ESPANOL

  1. Another “WalMart is the Devil” article? Wish I could say I didn’t see that coming…

    In spite of your predictions and fear-mongering, WalMart hasn’t ‘crippled our economy’, ‘killed every small business in Humboldt’, ‘assimilated the mall’, or any of the other hyperbolic statements you guys made.

    (inb4: “you work for walmart” or “you’re misinformed” or some other slightly condescending remark about how you see something that everyone else just can’t.)

      • Wow, you nailed it..: I live in Arcata, not Eureka (I only WORK in Eureka).

        You must not be familiar with what ‘inb4’ means… It’s internet slang for “in before X”, and is used when someone forecasts a predictable outcome or response within a given thread. (For instance, I said: “inb4, some remark about how you can see something everyone else can’t”, and you said “you’re blind if you can’t see this thing”.) In other words: your response was so predictable that I knew it before you even said it. That means what’s ACTUALLY “quite obvious” here is that you couldn’t disprove what I said, so instead you tried to devalue my words, implying that as some sort of “blind foreigner” that my opinion is invalid, while asserting that you somehow know better than me. Being Japanese-American, it’s an opinion I’ve encountered before, but it’s not like you knew my ethnicity, so that probably wasn’t what you meant.

        Also, my eyesight is also quite good, physically and metaphorically, so I assure you I am not blind in any way. Your narrow-minded paranoia and fear-mongering shows that YOU are the one who is blind — or, rather, the cataracts of your pre-conceived notions are blinding you. You remind me of those ridiculous preachers who tried to convince parents that Pokemon were “oriental demons”, and that their children were worshiping Satan by playing the game. (Google “Pokemon Power YouTube” for an example.)

        Face it: WalMart’s been here for over a year, and our economy hasn’t crumbled. The Mall is still open. Businesses haven’t been forced to shut their doors the way you swore they would — Hell, even K-Mart is still here, so that should show how little impact WalMart has had. (Since you’ll probably try to name some, make sure you have sources that PROVE that WalMart was the reason they closed. (For instance: “Store ‘X’ stated that they closed because they can’t compete with WalMart. {Source link}”, rather than saying: “Bon Boniere closed after WalMart got here”. PLZ keep asinine ‘evidence’ such as the number of empty storefronts in the mall (which was like that before WalMart came.)

        TL;DR – As predicted, rather than an informed response to what I said, you tried to debase me. You call me “blind”, but act as though you have secret info that others don’t. WalMart has done next to NOTHING to Eureka’s economy, and despite all your doom-speaking, you can’t prove that they have, instead resorting to propaganda that slanders the company, and ad hominem attacks upon the character (or location) of any people who disagree with you.

        (I wonder if this comment will actually get past moderation…?)

    • I am in the food business in Eureka and I think raising the wages will be good for my business. I have 14 or 15 employees so this raise won’t impact me directly.

  2. BTW, moderating all incoming comments to remove any that make you look bad makes you look like the hypocritical hippies people say you are.

    For a group of people who bitch so much about repression of the people, freedom of expression, you sure don’t practice what you preach.

    • A person who lives in Arcata and works in Eureka and is not blind.

      So go stand on the corner of say 5th and G and describe what you see. Stroll down 5th street towards F and give us a report.

      • Didn’t I ask you to keep asinine counter-arguments (such as “empty storefronts = WalMart’s doing”) without evidence out of this? Come on, now, this is YOUR argument, so YOU make a report — one with actual evidence instead of vague claims and hyperbole.

        For the sake of this discussion (and since I’m at the Starbucks on 5th right now), I’ll go along with your instructions. Before I do, I’ll predict that I’ll see a bunch of businesses that were closed BEFORE WALMART GOT HERE. Mama’s shut down years ago, and I’m pretty sure that the florist on that corner has been gone for almost as long. (Not that those are relevant, since WalMart isn’t a diner, and nor does it sell flowers.)

        Beyond that, let’s see… That drug-rehab-thrift-store-place isn’t there anymore, but that’s anoter stretch to claim it shut down as a result of WalMart; nobody wants to buy used clothes in a place that caters to tweakers. That huge showroom across from Dominos is empty, and I can only imagine how much its rent is…

        Oh! Now that I think about it, Raggs shut down not so long ago… but that’s irrelevant as well (unless you think WalMart put a bar/pool hall out of business?) And, actually,, another pool hall opened like a block down the road 🙂

        Anyway, lets count count while I walk, here… Okay, over the two blocks you inquired about, of the twenty retail spaces there, only seven of them are empty. (Some of them are right next to each other, giving the illusion of more, but this isn’t so.) As I said, most of these (like the place next to the Birkham yoga place) have been closed for a long time now, and are unkept to the point where nobody would want to rent them in the first place (they look like typical Squires rentals), in favor of a more open, up-to-date location.

        That’s my report, Mr Anonymous. I anxiously await one from you that has some relevant content, supported by evidence about how local businesses have been affected by our piddling, tiny-ass MallMart.

  3. what I want to know Haku is why are you so opposed to raising wages for some workers at big box stores? is your opposition based on fear? will this impact your own employment when it passes next year?

    • That’s funny, I don’t remember saying ANYTHING about that… My comments revolve around the fact that, in spite of your soap-boxing about WalMart dooming Humboldt’s economy and local businesses, the economy hasn’t changed a lick.

      Maybe I missed where I said I was against raising wages at big-box stores…? Nope, I just checked all my previous posts, and there’s nothing even SIMILAR to that, just like I knew there wasn’t.

      This response follows the pattern I’ve seen in various forums about the Fair Wage Act: Someone will criticize something about it, and a representative (often “Eurekaworker” or “Humboldtage”) will deliberately misrepresent their motives to try to make them look like “the bad guy” instead of making a proper reply.

      I don’t know if you’re one of the Fair Wage Folks, Anon, but you’re making them look like the insular fools that their opponents say they are, which hurts the cause you seem to support.

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