Initiative to Raise the Minimum Wage in South Dakota

“Zach Crago, the interim executive director for the South Dakota Democratic Party, said this morning that the petition drive to put a minimum-wage increase on the 2014 statewide ballot kicks off today at the State Fair in Huron and will ramp up on Labor Day in Sioux Falls and Rapid City.”


5 thoughts on “Initiative to Raise the Minimum Wage in South Dakota

  1. The only problem with raising the minimum wage is that prices will also be raised. The businesses probably will maintain their same level of profit margin. Then those same businesses often gave money away for charity or artistic donations from that profit margin . They pat themselves on the back through advertising, because they helped the less fortunate – who really paid for those donations through purchasing at higher prices.

    • There is NOTHING SACRED about profit margins. Profit margins are determined by the market just like workers wages. Profit margins can be and have been reduced before for social reasons. You need look no further back than WWII for wage/price/profit controls. Lower profits work for business the same way lower wages work for workers. The weaker businesses will fold, just like weaker workers give up (or die) when wages go down. But that’s ok because they pay shit wages and most of them require government subsidies for themselves or their workers. These are the businesses that survive by basically chiseling their own workforce, and the taxpayers. Most of them are big corps.

  2. If that is your worry then you have nothing to worry about because research has shown that any price rise would be insignificant for the average household. The cost of providing a living wage to every worker in the industrial food chain would be a dime a day for the average US family.

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