Big Box Bash 12 Noon 4th and Q Today!

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The Fair Wage Folks invite you to the Big Box Bash this Saturday, June 15!   12noon- 3:00pm

4th and Q near Big Louis Pizza.

The Big Box Bash will be a fun, family-friendly event alternative to Walmart’s ‘year-since-invasion’ (anniversary) sale.*   The Big Box Bash will be outdoors, set up with tables and feature live music, good munchies, kids’ games, and a large paper mache BIG BOX  “effigy” [Walmart, K-Mart, Target]  for young and old alike to swing at like a pinata!  See how hollow their promise of low prices is.

We will also be distributing promotional materials from local merchants, attempting to direct shoppers (the U.S. word for “people”) away from Walmart and back to smaller, local businesses.

The plan is to do the Big Box Bash on the 101/Broadway.  The lot we were planning became unavailable, so  we are still figuring out the site.  We will put the location on our blog,  and you will see us if you drive on the 101 through Eureka.  You will see the Big Box “effigy”.

The plan is for the event to go from noon to 3pm, this Saturday,  7/15.  Little people will get first swings at the Big Box effigy!!

See you at the Big Box Bash!  We will put the location on our blog,
Or call (707) 761-5247 to find us on the 101!

*A YEAR AGO THIS WEEKEND… the largest “Big Box Retail” parasite (Wal-Mart) wrapped its vampire squid tentacles into our community. Sucking the life out of local business and enslaving people in far off lands to make cheap products, they blight our community with GMO Foods, Empty Store Fronts and Poverty Level Wages.


7 thoughts on “Big Box Bash 12 Noon 4th and Q Today!

  1. “Family-Friendly” my @$$. Beating on an “effigy” of big-box stores like pinatas, with ‘little people getting the first swing’? Very nice… Let’s teach our kids that violence and hate caused by fear and ignorance is OK — because that’s exactly what you all are: a bunch of lowlife, ignorant, busybody malcontents with too much time on your hands (since none of you have jobs), who thrive on the drama that you stir up.

    I challenge any of you to name any businesses that have closed in the last year that were a result of Walmart’s coming — especially at the mall. You couldn’t do it on the 15th, so let’s see if you can, now, with a computer in front of you.

    (On a side note, I DID think it was amusing that you chose to put K-Mart on your list of “evil” retailers over Costco… The local K-Mart? SRSLY?)

    • You obviously don’t live any where near Eureka or you would have driven up the 5th St. corridor lately.

      It’s almost a moonscape in some blocks. A few new businesses opening but tattoo parlors don’t replace clothing stores. Most new businesses in Eureka these days are pushing alcohol, tattoos or payday loans. Last time I was at the mall, only a couple months ago, the majority of stores were boarded up. And Walmart hasn’t even expanded yet.

      • If by “clothing stores” you mean that place that used to be by Corky’s US Cellular, that doesn’t count. But wait, you said 5th, didn’t you, so which part of 5th are you talking about that looks like a “moonscape”? Down by the mattress store, or more on the north end with that Full Moon place?

        Stop manipulating facts to support your argument. no businesses of any significance in the Mall closed in the last year whose parent company didn’t file for bankruptcy. If there were any, you guys would have been all over it, reporting and giving extended metaphors about how Walmart was responsible. Instead you claim Walmart is responsible for vacancies that were already there before it opened.

        Stop trying to discount my opinion based on my residency. Not that it’s any of your business, but I live in Arcata, and I work at Kohls in the mall (so I know what I’m tlking about). Even if I didn’t. though, it wouldn’t affect the validity of what I’m saying. Why is calling someone an “outsider” your go-to method for brushing off the opinions of those whose are different than yours?

        Also, don’t rag on people who sell alcohol and do tattoos; Considering one of your major advocates (Mr. Bill Holmes, AKA “Highboldtage”) is a guy who pushes weed (which, unlike alcohol & tattoos, IS illegal) you don’t have a leg to stand on.

      • Bill Holmes doesn’t “push weed” he is an advocate for legalizing marijuana. “Pushes weed” is a flat out lie and is slanderous. You might make a better case if you didn’t constantly use ad hominem attacks. Do you have any real scientific or economic arguments against raising wages?

  2. I wasn’t attacking Mr Holmes, I was pointing out that it was the pot calling the kettle black, but IMO he’s very much “pushing weed”, with articles on his blog about how “Blazing Pistoleros is true old school pot!”, and that a strain called ‘Green Crack’ is “great smoke, but not the absolute best IMHO but again its easy to see why some tokers will LOVE this strain”, and that he can see why “growers and dealers like Green Crack” because “it’s bag appeal is second to none”.

    Furthermore, “Mr Troubador” wrote this fun little song a little while ago:

    “Free the Weed”
    words and music by William Holmes

    Hey hey hey Mr. DEA,
    Get yourself a life and go away
    All we wanna do
    Is smoke some weed.

    Hey hey hey Mr. FBI,
    Get yourself a clue and go bye-bye
    All we wanna do Is smoke some weed.

    Free the weed
    Let us smoke some pot
    Free the weed
    It’s the only thing we got
    It’s all we got,
    It’s all we got.

    Hey hey hey Mr. DA man
    Cut us some slack I know you can
    All we wanna do Is smoke some weed

    Free the weed
    Let us smoke some pot
    Free the weed It’s the only thing we got
    It’s all we got,
    It’s all we got.

    Hey hey hey Mr. DA man
    Cut us some slack
    I know you can
    All we wanna do Is smoke some weed

    Free the weed
    Let us smoke some pot
    Free the weed
    It’s the only thing we got
    It’s all we got,
    It’s all we got.

    …Yeah, this TOTALLY sounds like the words of a guy supporting a medicinal product.

    You might make a better case if not for your blog, that’s full of examples like this that prove you’re nothing more than a stoner who is using Medical Marijuana as a platform to justify your drug abuse 🙂

    P.S. – I make $10.25, and get along just fine, thank you very much. Stop pretending you’re educated about the things you accuse others of not having.

    P.P.S. – About your go-to method #2, “You make ad hominem attacks”: Since you are the face of this movement, your personality and habits are a major factor in it.

    • To X-Meister:
      Not only do your comments show that you are clueless about the people and things that you are writing about, but they show that you are…. well, clueless describes it best. Without making any assumptions about YOU (while your comments are replete with assumptions, unfounded judgements, and false statements), I suggest … maybe YOU should smoke some marijuana. Perhaps, with the help of some pot, you will find better things to do than spew nonsense on this blog AND you might develop some CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS!

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