CHECK Your Voter Status Please…….


Please check your voter status at this link:

or at this mnemonic:

It’s easy and we need your help.

Over the past couple of weeks, while the Humboldt County Elections Office counts our Fair Wage Act petition signatures, we have learned some odd things about people who registered to vote in Eureka. While we find the staff at the Elections Office to be kind and helpful, there are people who’s voter registrations are being put into “inactive” status, or maybe not on the voter rolls at all.

So, please check your voter registration status at the link above. Note whether your status is “Active” or “Inactive.”

If you find that you are not registered or “inactive”, please give us a call at (707) 442-7465 or an email at We want everyone who wants to vote to be able to. And everyone who signed the Fair Wage Act petition to count.

Also, we are changing our weekly meetings to Wednesday nights at the Labor Temple, 6:15pm.

Thank You,

Fair Wage folks

shortlink here:



3 thoughts on “CHECK Your Voter Status Please…….

  1. What’s this?! A cry for help because what sounds like a number of you signatures were delivered by people who don’t even vote (since that’s how you get on the ‘inactive’ list)!

    Whoo! Didn’t see that coming!

    • The EFWA campaign is committed to pursue due diligence on the behalf of the voting rights of several thousand Eureka residents who signed the petition and the several hundred new voters who we registered during our campaign. A block of several hundred new voters is enough to decide a city council race- last year’s race and future council races.

    • Just to be clear and accurate, “inactive status” means a person may have moved or their mailing address changed. We found with one person so far, for whom the DMV failed change their address after they filled out the DMV voter form upon moving. That person has consistently voted in every election.

      From the National Voting Rights Act Manual:
      …“active voters” [are] all registered voters except those who have failed to respond to a Section 8 notice. “Inactive voters” are defined as registered voters who have been sent a Section 8 notice and have failed to respond. In California, this includes voters for whom the post office has returned a Voter Notification Card because the voter has moved. … “Inactive” voters under the California Elections Code and the National Voting Rights Act are registered voters, eligible to vote in an election, provided the voter confirms residency at the polling place.

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