Walmart is moving forward with felony charges against an employee of an Indiana store who admitted to eating “multiple” Oreo cookies because she said that she couldn’t afford to pay for them with her salary.

A Portage Police Department report obtained by The Smoking Gun on Thursday said that Penny Winters had been arrested after a Walmart investigation determined she was guilty of theft.

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below is from a comment at the rawstory link

“If she makes $11.40 per hour and works the typical Walmart 30-32 hrs per week, she is about $100 over the monthly limit to receive food stamps in Indiana. 30 hrs is  just under qualifying as “full time.” If full time (35 hrs), Walmart would have to pay health care and other benefits.

The saddest part is, if she is convicted of the class D felony, she’ll have to disclose it at interviews, pretty much assuring she’ll never work again. Let’s hope it gets reduced to a misdemeanor or dropped altogether.”



  1. So, what you’re implying by posting this story is that theft is OK?
    Also, since this lady is making 7.25 an hour (Indiana minimum wage — since you guys don’t think walmart ever gives more than that to anyone), she must be working less than an hour a day or something, if she genuinely can’t afford a 99-cent pack of cookies.

    This is just more walmart hate, plain and simple.

    • Walmart is a criminal outfit of planetary proportion.
      I DO hate slavery, deceit, predatory corporate agendas, gender discrimination, greedy monopolies, destruction of the Earth, union busting, and a few other detestable tenets of Walmart (Sam’s Club, etc).
      So, yeah, plain and simple, I guess I “hate” Walmart.

  2. I forgot to mention that she also claimed that she thought the cookies had been provided by management for the employees, and that she admitted she’d also helped herself to other snacks during her seven-month tenure at the store.
    Also, after doing just a little bit of looking, I found that this lady made $11.40/hr (almost the $12 you keep ranting about as a “living wage”, if I recall?), so I have an even hard time believing that she ‘couldn’t afford’ a pack of oreos now.
    She could afford to pay for this product but instead choose to steal it. She made a conscious choice; to work at a minimum wage job (though making quite a bit more than minimum wage, since Indiana’s is $7.25/hr) and to steal. This is not Walmart’s fault.
    Furthermore, In Indiana, any theft is a class d felony, no matter if it was a stick of gum or a car. It’s still a class D felony. That’s just the way the state laws are written, so stop acting like Walmart is some mustache-twirling villain in this story.

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