Pix from the Eureka Fair Wage Benefit

Benefit Bash

reblogged from http://radmul.blogspot.com/2013/01/benefit-bash.html

Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, fighting for higher wages that is. We took the Party to Arcata for Saturday night as Backwoods Capo And headliner Rooster McClintock Rocked the Veterans Memorial. Etta was jazzed to go

Bill was there to help with Setting up

Some more of the crew

The Fair Wage Graphics Contest

The Band Arrived

We had a Killer Sunset

People Began to arrive

Even the little ones came out

Backwoods Capo

Dancing to Rooster McClintock

Having some brew

Thanks to The Ink People, Mad River Brewery, PARC, Bien Padre, The Gold Rush, The Veteran’s Hall and all the folks that Came out. A special thanks to Sunset, Gemini and their crew for organizing and cooking the feast. And last but not least Backwoods Capo and Rooster McClintock for playing so we could kick up our heals.


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