New Study – Nearly One Third of Working Families Struggle for Necessities

during the great recession and its aftermath, millions of americans
lost their jobs and were thrown into poverty. But national
unemployment and poverty statistics do not tell the whole story.
The recession has also affected the economic security of millions
of americans who have managed to keep their jobs. although
they are often overlooked, the number of low-income working
families has been increasing steadily, resulting in a shrinking
middle class and challenging a fundamental assumption that in
america, work pays.
new data from the U.S. census Bureau show that in 2010, there
were more than 10 million low-income working families in the
United States.
2 Between 2007 and 2010, the share of working
families who are low-income—earning less than 200 percent of
the official poverty threshold—increased from 28 percent to 31

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