UPDATE Attn: Small Businesses in Eureka & Humboldt: Wal-Mart Is Going to Crush You……

UPDATE     Attn:  Small Businesses in Eureka & Humboldt:  Wal-Mart Is Going to Crush You……

Ray’s Food Place to close in Crescent City

Written by Kyle Curtis January 16, 2013 10:48 am

The Ray’s Food Place grocery store in Crescent City is closing as of Feb. 3, the  store’s owners announced Wednesday. The decision was made “due to an increased presence of retail competitors and the continued decline in the economic climate,” parent company C&K Maket, Inc. said in a press release. http://www.triplicate.com/News/Breaking-News/Rays-Food-Place-to-close-in-Crescent-City


100,000 ADDITIONAL SQUARE FEET of retail space is equal to one hundred (100) 1,000 square foot “shoppes” in Old Town or fifty (50) 2,000 square foot “shoppes” in Old Town, Fortuna, Arcata, Cutten, or even twenty-five (25)  4,000 square foot “emporiums” in the Henderloin or anywhere else in Humboldt County.   These retail spaces will become redundant.  Surplus.  Vacant.

Or maybe you think we have too many shoppes and emporia in Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, Garberville, and elsewhere in Humboldt County?


Get the Picture?


from The Tripllicate Crescent City

The wait’s nearly over. After more than a year of shifting store merchandise and non-stop construction, Walmart will begin inviting shoppers into its newly expanded store on Wednesday.  The expansion adds nearly 100,000 square feet to the Crescent City Walmart, said store manager Nick Gonnella. The new Walmart Supercenter will include a full grocery store with a deli and a bakery as well as produce, meat and dairy departments. The newly remodeled store will also include a hair salon, a Subway and a new Java Hut, Gonnella said.“We’re one of the largest expansions square footage-wise in all of California,” he said. “We started as a pretty small Walmart store and to grow by 100,000 square feet was no easy task.”


Contact the Eureka Fair Wage Act Campaign

Contact: James Decker (707) 442-7465



3 thoughts on “UPDATE Attn: Small Businesses in Eureka & Humboldt: Wal-Mart Is Going to Crush You……

  1. If it smells like a paranoid conspiracy theory and it walks like a paranoid conspiracy theory, it’s probably a paranoid conspiracy theory.

    Nice try, Eureka Fair Wage Act Propaganda Agent.

  2. It’s hard to take this website seriously with headlines that read like these… Are you threatening small businesses? Is this fear-mongering? What is this?

  3. Well, You can be like a dead ostrich or a live chipmunk. Better get the small businesses together and form a co-op to buy and sell better otherwise you’ll be like the dinossaurs. Tell your local member how the long term unemployment will rise in the next 5yrs to at least a 1/4 of the population.

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