Looking for Signature Gatherers – Daily Pay- Raise Wages!

We are looking for 3 or 4 people who want to make a few dollars while helping working people and improving the local economy.

This is work that can be done on your own schedule, but must be completed by Sunday, Jan. 27.

We are looking for people who support the idea of raising wages for workers to circulate an initiative petition and gather signatures to raise the minimum wage in Eureka (the Eureka Fair Wage Act, an initiative drafted by and for the people of Eureka) and we will pay cash daily for the next several weeks until we achieve our goal of several hundred more signatures by Jan. 27.   You must be a legally registered voter in Eureka to gather signatures for this initiative.  If you are not registered but are qualified to register to vote in Eureka we can get you registered.

Interested people call PARC at 442-7465 or email info@fairwages.org   This is a casual labor situation it is not an offer of permanent employment either full time or part time.  You must complete a 45 min. training session before starting.

Thank You!


One thought on “Looking for Signature Gatherers – Daily Pay- Raise Wages!

  1. Do you pay your workers $12/hr? (Oh, wait, of course not – you count as a ‘small business’ I’m sure…)
    Some advice: stop hiring dirty, angry people; they give you a bad image.

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