Fair Wage Cafe – Dec. 15 – Noon to 5 – Labor Temple – Eureka


SEE, PRINT, Email, Facebook AND PASS AROUND THE ATTACHED FLIER! (in color or black and white)
If you or a group you work with wants to set up an info table at the Fair Wage Cafe, give us a call!  707.442.7465

See you there, December 15th.from the Eureka Fair Wage folks

Join Us in Solidarity….               

Fair Wage Cafe Dec.15th

Join us for food, music, poetry and community. (More details below)  Help us move the Eureka Fair Wage Act forward.  Raise the pay for 1,000 (or more) of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. Volunteers needed for this event.  Musicians, poets, cooks, food handlers, clean up. Donations welcome.

Also there is a meeting tonight and every Tuesday at 6:15pm at the Labor Temple.  We need all kinds of skills and volunteers!

Do you know about the Fair Wage Graphic contest?



FREE COMMUNITY EVENT, Saturday, Dec 15: 


On Saturday, December 15th, bring family and friends to the first FAIR WAGE CAFE, hosted by the Eureka Fair Wage folks. 

The Fair Wage Cafe will be at the Labor Temple in Eureka from noon to 5pm, a family friendly event with food, music, poetry, and children’s activities. We invite speakers to talk about fair wages and working conditions, and welcome local community groups to set up information tables. The Fair Wage Cafe is envisioned to be an open and casual space where people of all ages and stripes are free to encounter each other, express ideas for community building, relax, learn, and perhaps get involved in helping pass the Eureka Fair Wage act, raise in-home health care wages, and build strength in the working class of Humboldt County.

FAIR WAGE CAFE a free community event Saturday, December 15th, noon to 5pm at the Labor Temple, 840 E Street in Eureka, where 9th and E intersect

Call 707.442.7465 for more information or email info@fairwages.org

See you there, at the FAIR WAGE CAFE, Saturday December 15th!


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