Walmart and the Wage/Productivity Gap

Walmart Protesters Arrested by Militarized Police Paramount CA Black Friday 2012

this article by David Dayen found at firedoglake to read the entire article:

We struck up a conversation with the woman. “We’re here for the Black Friday protests,” we said.

“Why are you protesting?”

“Walmart workers are walking out of their jobs in a bunch of locations because of low pay, low hours, intimidation and retaliation for speaking out.”

And here was the crucial moment. The woman had no idea that Walmart workers were low-paid. “This store makes beaucoup bucks,” she said. “I figured the workers did well because there are always lots of people in the store.”

Before, say, 1979, she would have been largely correct in her assumption, at least on this point: worker productivity and wages rose at generally the same rate.


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