Australia’s Minimum Wage is $15.51 Per Hour…But Wait, There’s More!

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“Across the Pacific in Australia, the national statutory minimum wage is $15.51 an hour in Australian dollars. Over the past three years, the Australian dollar has been roughly equal in value to the American dollar, so the figure in American dollars is about the same. One Australian dollar roughly equals one American dollar.

Only about 2 percent of Australians, however, are covered by the minimum wage. The rest are covered by industry-wide agreements that are negotiated by the government on behalf of workers. The minimum wage in most of these agreements (including, for example, for adult fast food workers) is $17.03 an hour.

But wait, there’s more: full-time permanent employees in Australia, from toilet cleaners to chief executives, get at least ten sick days, 20 vacation days and (depending on the state) ten or more paid holidays every year. Everyone. All over Australia.

Of course, there is a catch. Part-time and temp workers don’t get these benefits. Instead, they get paid an extra 20 percent to 25 percent in cash compensation. As a result, a part-time, entry-level adult fast food worker in Australia makes a minimum of $21.25 an hour. Oh, plus health insurance. That’s universal in Australia.”


Salvatore Barbones


4 thoughts on “Australia’s Minimum Wage is $15.51 Per Hour…But Wait, There’s More!

    • Because the cheese burger is made of crappy food bonded with chemicals from china they can still make it cheap. The problem with the minimum wage in Australia is however the number of hours they work. Coles, and Woolworths share 80% of the retail market in Australia this includes fuel and alcohol. Similar to Walmart they kill off independents and then employ casuals. If you are a casual employee you live a hand to mouth existence weekly – not knowing what your future holds. Independent businesses in Australia employ most of the full time staff – meaning they can buy a house a car because they are more certain what they will be paid. Also they can afford Health insuramce and education. This rapidly changing as the Big 2 squeeze us dry – we are heading to the dark ages again – Don’t let Obama get your guns because there is going to be a civil war again The Haves versus the Havenots.

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