Time To Raise the Wage!

via St. Louis Post-Dispatch:


“Some say that increasing minimum wages will cause employers to cut jobs. The truth is that if low-wage workers have more income, they will spend all of it buying goods and services for their families. This will have a multiplier effect, helping to create demand and stimulate job creation. It also produces tax revenue, aiding local, state and federal budgets. Even if it were true that an increase in minimum wages would cost jobs in the economy, the lowest-paid workers would not have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet if they had one job that paid a living wage.”

“Henry Ford recognized the importance of paying his workers well. After struggling with constant turnover in his factory, in 1914 he more than doubled the daily wage from $2.34 to $5. This attracted good workers eager to work. Productivity in the plant increased, and he reduced training costs. It was an extremely profitable strategy, in part because his workers could now afford to buy the cars his company produced.”


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