You Are Invited to the Filing of the Eureka Fair Wage Act!

Contact:  Kimberly Starr  (707) 442-7465,


 You are invited to the Filing of the Eureka Fair Wage Act on Wed, July 25th:

 Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition
“…Walmart and other large retail outlets have a negative impact on wages and benefits for working people in the communities where they open stores. To remedy that negative impact, large employers in Eureka shall be required to pay a minimum wage of twelve dollars ($12) per hour.”

Community members who have been active with Occupy Eureka, Veterans for Peace, Richardson Grove Action Now, PEOPLE PROJECT, and Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community will be filing the Eureka Fair Wage Act on Wednesday, July 25th, one day after the National Day of Action to raise the federal minimum wage!

The Eureka Fair Wage Act is a ballot initiative that will likely be put to vote in March 2013. 

The Act will require people working in Eureka to be paid a minimum wage of $12 an hour.  Small business are exempt if they employ less than 25 people, and there will be a phase in time of 18 months for larger non-profits so they can adjust their grant funding.

INVITE to the FILING: Please come to the first event of the Eureka Fair Wage Act, the first of many that we hope will be significant moments building toward the experience of some economic justice!!
Eureka City Hall, City Clerk  531 K Street in Eureka, 2nd floor

After the filing, the Clerk of Eureka will have about two weeks to do what she has to do with the Petition, then we start getting signatures!!


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